Version 1.70.119


New amp, pedal, and guitar brands added to the gear inventory so you can track your cool stuff! Also fixed a pesky camera bug where images taken in landscape mode were displaying as portrait.

Version 1.70.1192024-05-31T20:30:57+00:00

Version 1.70.93


New Features: • Following up on the release of our Clips feature, you can now search all of them to find that one great recording. • Set whichever tab you want to be your default tab that

Version 1.70.932024-05-31T20:30:58+00:00

Version 1.60.10


Updated for iOS 16! Tonechaser is faster, smoother, hotter, and smarter. We also squashed some nasty bugs along the way. HUGE NEW FEATURE: ••• Clips ••• Replace your stale voice memos app with ease by

Version 1.60.102024-05-31T20:30:58+00:00

Version 1.10.50


Fixed a bug that prevented the Price Paid to be properly captured per gear item. Thanks to Micky Vega for reporting it.

Version 1.10.502024-05-31T20:30:58+00:00

Version 1.10.47


Rename Tones. Naming Tones can be a challenge, but sometimes, "lksjdfsdf" isn't the best long-term option. Now you can tweak it to your heart's content.

Version 1.10.472024-05-31T20:30:58+00:00