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Tonechaser connects you with a passionate, global community of musicians who are searching for your products. If you are a retailer or gear manufacturer interested in selling your gear here, please complete this form and we will connect with you shortly to verify your status as a Retailer or Manufacturer.


Why you should sell with Tonechaser

zero transaction fees

We know margins are tight and every sale matters to every size of business. That’s why every sale goes directly into your pocket, allowing you to maximize profits without any deductions from us.

subscribers only

When everyone has a little skin in the game, the result is a trusted community of buyers and sellers, dramatically reducing scammers and fraudulent activity.

pay your way

Sellers and Buyers communicate directly and agree on whichever payment method they prefer. This allows you to choose your buyer and mutually manage the transaction.

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How Selling Works

  • 1. Account Setup

    Once a Tonechaser representative reaches out to verify your business information and create your account, the email address on file will receive a link to the login page, and your username and password.

  • 2. Listing Gear

    Select a gear type to sell (Amplifier, Guitar, or Pedal) and provide the item specs, photos, and an asking price. Your listing will be instantly live in the App and available to all Subscribers.

  • 3. Handling Offers

    A Buyer can view item details and make an offer, including their email, offer price, and an optional note. You can choose which offer to accept and email the Buyer to arrange payment and shipping.


What is the selling process like?2024-05-29T14:59:41+00:00


  1. Complete the initial registration form (above).
  2. A Tonechaser representative will reach out to verify your business information and create your account.
  3. The email address on file will receive a link to the login page, and your username and password.
  4. Select a gear type to sell (Amplifier, Guitar, or Pedal) and provide the item specs and asking price.
  5. Upon submitting the form, your listing will be instantly live in the App and available to all Subscribers.
  6. A Buyer can view the details of your item and Make an Offer.
  7. The offer will consist of their email address, offer price, and an optional note written for you.
  8. You can then decide which offer to accept, and then email the Buyer directly.
  9. Coordinate with your Buyer on the method of payment and shipping details.
Does Tonechaser offer refunds or replacements for purchased items?2024-05-07T20:22:15+00:00

No, Tonechaser does not offer refunds or replacements for purchased items. As Tonechaser does not facilitate the actual transactions between buyers and sellers, we do not have control over the exchange of funds or the condition of items sold.

It’s important to note that Tonechaser operates on a subscription-based model where users pay a fee to access the marketplace (referred to as Backstage). This fee supports the maintenance and development of the platform but does not imply responsibility for refunds or replacements. We encourage users to thoroughly review item listings, communicate with sellers, and use secure payment methods to mitigate any potential issues.

What should users do if they encounter any issues with the app or their transactions?2024-05-29T15:20:18+00:00

If Subscribers encounter any issues with the App, they can reach out to our support team for assistance. Go to the Settings tab in the App, then tap on “Tonechaser Feedback”. We’re here to help resolve any concerns and ensure a smooth experience for all users.

How does the app ensure the security of transactions?2024-05-07T20:22:35+00:00

While the app facilitates communication between buyers and sellers, transactions themselves are conducted outside of the app. We recommend following best practices for online transactions, such as using secure payment methods and verifying the legitimacy of the seller before making a purchase.

Is there a messaging system within the app for buyers and sellers to communicate?2024-05-07T20:22:35+00:00

Currently, communication between buyers and sellers primarily occurs via email. However, we’re continuously working to improve the app, and adding an in-app messaging system is on our roadmap for future updates.

What payment and shipping methods are available?2024-05-07T20:22:50+00:00

Payment and shipping methods are determined by the seller. Once an offer is accepted, the seller will communicate their preferred payment method (e.g., PayPal, bank transfer) and shipping options (e.g., postal service, courier) directly to the buyer.

How do buyers know if their offer has been accepted?2024-05-07T20:23:14+00:00

Buyers will receive an email notification if their offer has been accepted by the seller. The email will include details on how to proceed with the transaction.

How do sellers review offers?2024-05-07T20:23:14+00:00

Sellers receive email notifications with the details of the offers made on their listed items. They can review these offers at their convenience.

What happens after a user submits an offer?2024-05-07T20:23:14+00:00

After a user submits an offer, the app sends the offer details (including the user’s email and offer price) to the seller via email.

Can users make offers on listed items?2024-05-07T20:23:14+00:00

Yes, users can make offers on listed items. When they find an item they’re interested in, they can submit an offer through the app. This offer includes their email address, the price they are willing to pay, and a text note to the seller.